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In Falcón they inaugurate the Bicentennial Monument Batalla de Carabobo

In the context of the commemoration of the 200 Years of the Battle of Carabobo, civil and military authorities unveiled a memorable sculpture in the Bicentennial "Battle of Carabobo", located in the La Rotaria sector, Intercomunal Coro - La Vela, Colina municipality of Falcón state .

The event was attended by M / G Félix Osorio, general commander of the Bolivarian Army, accompanied by various civil and military authorities.

Osorio highlighted the importance in this bicentennial year of knowing history as instilled by Commander Hugo Chávez, to continue defending the independence and sovereignty of the Homeland with social justice and equality.

“The civic-military union is necessary to insist on the historical awareness of being able to know exactly what we want to be and what we are, 200 years after the Battle of Carabobo, in this bicentennial cycle we are highlighted that we want to be free and sovereign, because Venezuela has always been and will continue to maintain a historical conscience of dignity and always in defense of the Homeland, ”he said.

The authorities unveiled the plaque of the commemorative sculpture of the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo, an act that was carried out in compliance with all biosafety regulations against covid-19.

The regional government will continue the development of commemorative activities in the celebration of this Bicentennial year, highlighting the events in the history that belong to Venezuelans, guided by the thought of Bolívar and the independence heroes, such as consolidating a free homeland. and sovereign.