In Delta Amacuro they deliver endowment to improve public spaces

Public lighting project benefits about 200 thousand people

This Friday afternoon, the governor of the state Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández Abchi, delivered more than 300 led lamps among other supplies for the improvement of public lighting in the Tucupita municipality, as well as tools for the recovery of sports fields.

"Thanks to the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro, who in times of pandemic and blockade, continues to serve the people in the human and social, this time with an investment that exceeds 50 billion bolivars, for the installation in the state capital of about 300 lights, complying with the rehabilitation plan and improvements of the public lighting of the city ”, informed the governor.

For her part, the mayor of the Tucupita municipality, Loa Tamaronis, said that this public lighting project benefits some 200 thousand people, inhabitants of different communities of the entity.

Sports Courts will be rehabilitated

Similarly, tools were delivered to carry out the repair and improvement plan for sports fields in the municipalities of Tucupita and Casacoima.

"We will begin to rehabilitate an important number of sports fields, both in the Tucupita municipality and in Casacoima, in a first stage, here there is an investment of more than 27 billion bolivars, in order to promote sports in the city," said the Governor Lizeta Hernández.

The authorities in charge of the project detailed that the recovery of sports fields includes painting floors, bleachers and perimeter walls, repair of fences and boards, in addition to placing nets, demarcation of floors, installation of lights, cleaning, weeding and ornamentation.

The joint delivery also included 300 led lamps, reflectors, sodium vapor bulbs, cable rolls, breakers, cement, paint cans, alfajol rolls, among other tools for the execution of the work.

Mayor Loa Tamaronis stressed that "this is a great investment in public services, both the lighting and the recovery of sports fields," one of the objectives is to promote the talent of children and young people in the communities, because doing sport is making a homeland ”, he expressed.



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