In Delta Amacuro vaccination began for the education sector

Photo: Courtesy of the Delta Amacuro Educational Zone Press

In the midst of a great deployment of joint actions between the Bolivarian Government, through the Ministries of Health and Education, the first stage of immunization directed at the personnel that is part of the education sector in the Casacoima municipality of the Delta Amacuro state began. The vaccines applied against covid-19 were from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm.

The State Educational Authority, Prof. Esp. Fanny Granadillo, indicated that they will continue to extend the vaccination days against covid-19 to the other delta municipalities: “In this first wave, we vaccinate the education personnel of the Casacoima municipality and this process will be carried out progressively to the extent that we are being endowed with vaccines by our National Government ”.

Likewise, Prof Luisa López, Educational Liaison in the Casacoima municipality, expressed her satisfaction with this first vaccination day: “Thanking the great commitment assumed by President Nicolás Maduro, the educational and health authorities, to Governor Lizeta Hernández, to our Bolivarian Mayor Edgar Guzmán, to the great educational team of the municipality and to all our educational institutions to which we will attend in an integral and progressive way "

The educational staff thanked the attention and vaccination in the midst of such a terrible scourge that attacks our planet.



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