In Bolívar, the third phase of vaccination of teachers advances

Mauro Suárez, Unique Education authority in Bolívar state, reported that they are carrying out the vaccination process for all personnel in the education sector: national, state, municipal, private, autonomous schools "and all managerial, teaching, worker and administrative personnel , must be participate in the vaccination process ”.

Suárez assured that according to the guidance received by Minister Yelitze Santaella, this vaccination process seeks to guarantee staff prevention of the virus, immunize them for a safe and progressive return to school.

“We know that in these pandemic circumstances it is necessary to bear in mind all the biosafety elements, and one of them is the vaccine, that is why we are vaccinating. These conferences are being held simultaneously in the Angostura del Orinoco and Caroní municipalities. The rest of the municipalities of the entity will gradually be incorporated, since the goal is to vaccinate 100 percent of the educational personnel, "Suárez pointed out.

Similarly, the head of the education sector in Bolívar stressed that they are carrying out a series of activities that seek to guarantee a progressive safe return to classes, where one of the main points is to attend to the infrastructure «through the plan a drop of love for my school We are developing jointly with the municipal authorities, the mayors, with the regional government, the state government with FEDE, all national organizations, Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor and with the incorporation of parents, representatives, directors and teachers, we are going to constitute 1.360 School Infrastructure Committees in order to incorporate the living forces of the community to safeguard and maintain the schools, "he said.

Third day of vaccination

Finally, he explained that this is the third vaccination day that they carry out in the state. «On the first day we vaccinated 3.000 people. Then on the second day we did the same with 600 teachers and education workers. Today we are vaccinating 600 more, this in the National Vaccination Plan for the safe and progressive return to school ».



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