In Amazonas they commemorate five years of food struggle with the Clap

From the Fundación del Niño in Amazonas they celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Claps. Photo: courtesy @gobamazonas

In the state of Amazonas, this Friday, March 12, from the headquarters of the Fundación del Niño en Amazonas (Fundaihirus), Puerto Ayacucho, the National Food Day was celebrated in recognition of the creation of the Local Committees of Supply and Production ( Clap), who have guaranteed the people's right to food during 5 years of effort and organization of the street bosses.

Through the social networks of the Government of Amazonas @gobamazonas, the governor of the entity, Miguel Rodríguez, together with the General Staff of Food, carried out an act of commemoration for the 5th anniversary of the Claps and the victorious resistance of the heads and heads of families.

They also congratulated and thanked the leaders and spokespersons of the Clap for their tireless effort and commitment to the blockade imposed on the country, guaranteeing food security.

«We salute the CLAP 📍🇻🇪 Chiefs, leaders and spokespersons, in recognition of their effort and invaluable commitment that they have maintained these 5 years to overcome the imperial blockade together. Without you it would not be possible for the programs executed by the General Food Staff to cover every last family in every street, in every sector, in every city in Venezuela. It is you who articulate, organize, address and know the needs of your neighbors and based on this, you help us every day to improve the food system in care of the most vulnerable. Let's keep fighting, and let's keep winning for this country that needs us! 👊 », limits the Government in its official networks.



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