In Apure they do not lower their guard with the disinfection days

In Apure, they continue with the hypochlorite disinfection operations in the main avenues of the capital Sanfernandina and in the popular market of this municipality, in order to comply with the biosecurity measures against covid-19.

This was reported by the mayor, Ofelia Padrón, who said that the entire regional government continues with this task that is directed at the central level to protect the people with these disinfection days in the most crowded places in the regions.

Padrón thanked the joint work of the institutions that carry out this work such as Hidrollanos, Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor, firefighters, Civil Protection, mayor's office and organized people.

The municipal authority emphasized that "since this situation began with covid-19 we have not lowered our guard with disinfection days, our interest is to protect the community and make them aware of the measures implemented to avoid contagions and more in these moments when the new Brazilian strain appears ”, he concluded.



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