In Apure, the population of La Victoria is heading towards normality

The Mayor of the Páez municipality, José María Romero, in a civic-military union with the Bolivarian National Guard, provide comprehensive care to the population of La Victoria, Urdaneta parish, Páez municipality, after the situation in this town.

For more than 8 days, the national and regional government and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces have been deployed in the town of Victoria, serving its residents in different areas to guarantee tranquility in this town.

Mayor José María Romero, along with Deputy Orlando Zambrano and Colonel Torrealba of the GNB, accompanied the population with comprehensive medical care and social events.

Authorities reported that the 7 communities that represent the central district of La Victoria have been assisted, distributing 3 kilograms of animal protein and 2 cartons of eggs; as well as food modules to serve the population in this first part, as the economy will gradually reactivate.

Romero emphasized: “We are responsible for taking care of our people from all points of view, their basic needs, but the most important is to serve them with truthful information about this supervening circumstance, not only to the residents of La Victoria, but also to all of Venezuela. We have a battle for the truth ”.

Likewise, the municipal authority reported that they have served all sectors “including more than 200 peasant farmers from the El Ripial, La Capilla, Santa Rosa, Los Arenales and Santa María sectors to listen to them and build among all and all the solutions that help to that the communities return to their daily lives. With the support of the national government, it is possible to return to normality, we are supporting this sector with fuel for productive tasks on the farms and coordinating with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces so that there are no difficulties ”.

Authorities address the concerns of the residents

Likewise, the mayor said that they continue to receive the return in canoes of the inhabitants of La Victoria from Arauquita, Colombia, guaranteeing safety to all of them and thus advance to the consolidation of normality in the town.

To finish Romero explained: “We are also here carrying out the work within the framework of“ Right to the City ”in La Victoria, which is about the beautification of the city with weeding, lighting, painting of trunk lines, among others. United we work for our people ".



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