In Yaracuy they guarantee biosecure return to Universities

The Minister for University Education, César Trómpiz at the Universidad Politécnica Territorial de Yaracuy Arístides Bastidas (UPTYAB). Photo: courtesy UPTYAB

The minister of popular power for University Education, César Trómpiz, this Friday, during his participation in a workshop on teacher leadership at the Universidad Politécnica Territorial de Yaracuy, indicated that the national government guarantees face-to-face return to classes in a biosecure manner, according to with the restrictions established with the 7 × 7 quarantine measures.

Trómpiz commented that the government is deployed in all the universities of the country, together with the student movements and teachers, to supervise that everything is carried out according to the plans contemplated for the beginning of classes.

The minister participated in a workshop on teacher leadership aimed at providing the necessary tools to university professors for the new stage of face-to-face classes that begins in October at the Arístides Bastidas Polytechnic University of Yaracuy (UPTYAB), where he insisted that they are taking all the provisions so that each university complies with the protocols and biosafety measures in order to minimize the contagion of covid-19.

Mass vaccination for university personnel

On the other hand, Trómpiz said that the special vaccination days against covid-19 will be extended next week to all teachers and workers of the university sector in the country to protect them and thus they can participate in their work days with greater peace of mind.

He recalled that face-to-face class attendance will be adapted to the 7 x 7 methodology and will be adjusted as progress is made in controlling the pandemic.

The Home University plan regarding distance education will continue together with face-to-face assistance as a complementary form of training.

Also, he stressed that all academic institutions of higher education are intervened with the Bella University plan to have them in optimal conditions to resume classes.

They guarantee staff of teachers

Minister Trómpiz mentioned that each university is guaranteeing its staff of professors so that academic activities are carried out with total normality.

Regarding teachers' salaries, he explained that the V Collective Agreement was recently signed, which guarantees a substantial increase in salaries and salaries to the university sector.

Likewise, he explained that as of October the graduation acts will also be resumed, with the corresponding application of biosafety measures.



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