In Yaracuy 20% of the population is already vaccinated against covid-19

The goal is to get 70% of the population vaccinated against covid.

Until this Friday, 109.107 doses of the Chinese Sinopharm and Russian Sputnik-V vaccines against covid-19 have been applied in Yaracuy to the same number of citizens of different ages, which represents 20.5% of the total population of the entity, as confirmed by the state governor, Julio León Heredia.

The state president mentioned that the vaccination plan is carried out every day in 14 vaccination centers, one in each municipality of the Yaracuyano territory, in which approximately 4.800 people are immunized daily together.

To date, 141.921 doses against covid-19 have reached the state, of both vaccines, to strengthen and continue without stopping the Mass Vaccination Plan developed by the national Government throughout the country.

He stressed that the goal is to get 70% of the population vaccinated against covid, about 530 thousand people, to achieve the so-called herd effect or herd immunization, which is estimated to be fulfilled by the end of September.

León announced the arrival in the next few hours of a new batch of biologicals to continue with the Mass Vaccination Plan.

Regional molecular biology laboratory has analyzed 112.488 samples Regarding the balance that to date shows the Regional Molecular Biology Laboratory that operates in San Felipe and receives samples from Yaracuy, Lara, Carabobo, Falcón and Cojedes to rule out or check covid diagnoses -19, León reported that up to this week it has analyzed 112.488 samples, since it began operating in September 2020.

From January to July, the registered figure is 85.124, and 7.171 samples have been received in July alone.

He stressed that thanks to this laboratory, the diagnosis and detection of infected people is faster, which helps to take immediate health measures to attend to them and cut the transmission chains. This translates into better care, fewer rates of people with advanced disease and fewer deaths.



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