In Nueva Esparta they prepare for the return to face-to-face classes

In Nueva Esparta state, the School Infrastructure Board was activated, with the purpose of advancing the adaptation of educational centers for the return to face-to-face classes, under the coordination of the Educational Zone, as provided by the national Executive.

Noris Soto, head of the Educational Zone pointed out that they have been making tours of schools and high schools, to verify the situation of the schools and provide the necessary attention with the support of teachers, the Bolivarian Militia, the Building Foundation and Educational Endowments (FEDE) and the community.

"We are working on returning to face-to-face classes, to do it safely and progressively, taking care of all biosecurity measures," said Soto.

Likewise, Soto reported that this Saturday, September 11, the Mass Vaccination Plan was launched, aimed at personnel that make up the Education sector in the state. For this first day of mass vaccination, the Educational Units “Grupo Escolar Estado Zulia”, in Porlamar; and "Juan Bautista Arismendi", in the Arismendi municipality, with the support of Ipasme staff.

“We have organized a work plan that will allow us the general vaccination of all personnel who are part of the education sector of the state. We are summoning teachers from national schools, dependent on the Ministry of Education; regional educational centers, dependent on the government, and private administration, "said Noris Soto.



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