In Lara they restore the water service through pipes

The Governor of Lara state, Adolfo Pereira, reported that this Wednesday, March 31, the distribution of water by pipeline was resumed through the Alto Tocuyo System (SAT) to the municipalities Iribarren (Barquisimeto), Jiménez (Quíbor) and Morán (El Tocuyo ).

It should be noted that on March 24, due to the intense rains that occurred in the upper area of ​​Lara state, in the municipalities Andrés Eloy Blanco (Sanare) and Jiménez (Quíbor), 60 meters of pipe were detached and dragged by the flooding of the Botucare ravine, half a mile from its junction point.

Regarding the completion of the hydraulic engineering work, in the San José sector (Jiménez), the head of the State Executive stated: “The work was constant and without rest, above all, due to the sedimentation of the land, the placement of machinery and the emptying of the settlement of both elbows to avoid vibrations ”, referring to the complexity of the work performed.

For his part, the president of HIDROLARA, Joel Tifor, communicated that each one of the operations that were opportune to restore the water service, were oriented to the prevention and safety of the workers, so that progressively, the rethinking and protection of personnel from the rains.

The President of HIDROLARA thanked President Nicolás Maduro, the Ministry of Popular Power for Water Care, Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Civil Protection and Disaster Administration for the support provided in the achievement of the work.

It is important to specify, said Tifor, that once the SAT adduction maneuvers are completed, the channeling of the Botucare stream will continue, setting up the machinery for the subsequent filling.

The reestablishment of 60 meters of pipeline implied its location underground, to prevent the flooding of streams as a result of the intense rains from causing the problem again.

During the execution time of the aforementioned work, HIDROLARA took the opportunity to carry out electrical maintenance in the Alto Tocuyo System, specifically, the transformers. They corrected a leak in the Yogore sector, replaced a lightning rod and met the requirements of the water treatment plant's pump equipment.



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