In Guárico they boost production at the Roblecito Meat Center

New technological processes were incorporated into the processor to increase performance. Photo: courtesy Guárico Government

In Guárico state - through the strategic alliance between the private company Veinca and the Government of the entity - the facilities of the Meat Processing Center located in the Leonardo Infante municipality have been optimized, which allowed increasing the cattle processing capacities to 450 daily cattle.

The information was released by the Minister of Popular Power for Agriculture and Lands, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, who, together with the governor of Guárico, José Vásquez, inspected the place, verifying the yield of protein production at its maximum capacity, thanks to the incorporation of new technological processes to increase performance.

Similarly, the staff of 87 direct and 20 indirect workers who are in these facilities stands out, where the refrigerated cargo transport fleets have also been optimized.

In this context, the representative of the National Agricultural Portfolio, Wilmar Castro, highlighted that Guárico has played a fundamental role in the reactivation of the Agroindustrial Park.

He pointed out that - simultaneously - the certification granted by the health units and the National Institute of Comprehensive Agricultural Health (Insai) has been verified, where the nationwide scope of this industrial center is highlighted.

Castro Soteldo indicated that the intention to achieve international certification is being evaluated, in order to raise the quality in terms of debonding with international standards.

For his part, Governor José Vásquez stated that "Guárico has stood out as one of the states with the highest livestock production nationwide."

He also pointed out that in this Roblecito slaughter center - together with the El Rastro Meat Processing Center, Francisco de Miranda municipality - protein production will be strengthened for the benefit of the population, through feeding programs, an action where the alliance is involved. strategic with the Ministry of Food, private sector and small and medium producer.



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