In Guarico, rice cultivation exceeds 21 thousand hectares in winter

More than 250 land titles were handed over to the same number of women with more than 13.971 hectares.

In the Guárico state, more than 21.170 hectares of rice have been cultivated in the Llanera entity during the Winter 2021 sowing cycle from the rice fields of Calabozo, Francisco de Miranda municipality, with the direct participation of more than 434 producers, the which will be destined to satisfy the nutritional needs of the population.

The information was released by the governor of the Llanera entity José Vásquez through a productive presidential day, while he was inspecting the rice crops in the production unit of plot number 199 of the Río Guárico Irrigation System, from which 570 have been planted. hectares, which are in their final stage to start the harvesting process.

In this sense, Vásquez indicated that 210.720 hectares of corn cultivated throughout the territory are added to this amount of the rice sector, which add up to a total of more than 232.540 hectares in the winter cycle through the union of the productive forces.

For this reason, he explained that this sowing is distributed as follows: 36.761 hectares of cereals destined for farmers; the alliances with Agrosur and the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands with the amount of 16.975 hectares; For their part, the productive associations of the state group 154.684, while Communal Councils and Communes some 4.610 hectares.

Productive growth

In this context, the Guarique ruler José Vásquez, highlighted that Guárico registers an increase in current productivity of more than 158% in relation to 2017, at which time it began with the deepening of the productive organization.

Therefore, he explained that for the year 2017 the sowing of cereals was located in 108 thousand hectares; year 2018 with 130 thousand hectares; 2019 about 151.000 thousand hectares: by 2020 237 thousand hectares; while for the present time between the North Summer and Winter cycles, 270.000 hectares were exceeded according to the monitoring and evaluation carried out.

Productive empowerment

In the framework of guaranteeing the right to land and the leading incorporation of women in the productive area, Vásquez reported on the delivery of more than 250 land titles to an equal number of women with more than 13.971 hectares through the National Land Institute. "I am a struggling producer, with many years in the field and receiving the title today, for me and my family is an immense satisfaction," said Doris Cedeño, upon receiving the respective documentation.

More than 210.700 hectares of corn will be harvested in Guárico

Likewise, it was known that more than 210.700 hectares cultivated in the area of ​​yellow and white corn during the Winter 2021 cycle, is the record in the state of Guárico in productive matters, distributed among the 15 municipalities of the llanera entity which will have a final yield over 630 million kilos.

This was stated by the regional director of the Ministry of Popular Power for Productive Agriculture and Lands (Mppapt), Marcos Calles during the inspection of the fields located in the La Danta sector, Los Mangos farm, located in the El Sombrero parish of the Julián Mellado municipality, during a productive presidential day.

Next, the representative of the regional Agriculture and Lands portfolio, said that in Guariqueño they have deepened the work from the Ministry together with the Guárico Government in 3 aspects for the leverage of the planting of cereals, including the work together with the associations of large producers, followed by peasants and community councils, which has strengthened the productive apparatus.

In turn, Calles also pointed out that in addition to guaranteeing the necessary raw material for the arepa of each of the families, this will also be used for the production of Balanced Animal Food from the agro-industrial sector.

For his part, Antonio Rodríguez, owner of the Productive Unit, as well as Apolonia Herrera, a member of the Popular Power, expressed their gratitude to the Bolivarian Government through the different entities so that they can advance in the sowing process in every corner of the state.



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