In Cumaná they resume the construction of the Coastal Belt

In this first stage, it is expected to work under the 30-day Plan.

They resumed construction work on the Cumaná Coastal Beltway to advance its first phases. This was reported by the governor of Sucre state, Edwin Rojas, during the supervision of the work that promises to be the largest boardwalk in Venezuela.

In this first stage, it is expected to work under the 30-day Plan, for the completion of 2km of the more than 5km that the work will cover.

“It is a boulevard that will raise the tourist and economic image of the future of our entity. It means a showcase work that will create a space for productive investments and family recreation ”, highlighted Rojas.

In this sense, he explained that the project begins in the Salvador Allende sector, will tour the entire monument and will culminate in the Marina Plaza Shopping Center. Five stages have been defined for development, in which at least 500 workers are needed for its completion.

The boulevard will include bike lanes, walkways and a commercial area: “in the coming days we will offer to investors from Sucre the spaces dedicated to the“ Gastronomic Route of the Monument ”, as well as the construction of pharmaceutical premises, shops and still lifes that give life to the 24 hours to this area in Cumaná ”, said the president.

The project starts from the public and private effort since it comes from the investment of the Venezuelan state and local entrepreneurs. Authorities estimate that in six months the city of Cumaná may have a new face with the ambitious coastal project.



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