In Bolívar they start a campaign for the International Day of Tolerance

Regarding the International Day of Tolerance, the Ombudsman's Office in Bolívar starts a campaign for a week, within the framework of the electoral process for women parliamentarians on December 6, to promote a cordial and respectful atmosphere among citizens, in order to to respect those who are elected by decision of the people, assured the Ombudsman delegate in Bolívar Soraice Rondón.

Rondón, explained that the primary objective is to promote tolerance as a value for the recognition and respect among human beings for a healthy coexistence in favor of peace, “we reaffirm our commitment and action in favor of the promotion of tolerance and education within the framework of the International Day for Tolerance on November 16, 2020.

The defender also highlighted that the Ombudsman's Office and through training processes in Human Rights promote tolerance such as recognition and respect among human beings, where they fully comply with the biosecurity protocols for the prevention and protection of covid -19.

Likewise, Rondón reported the holding of a series of workshops on the Powers and powers of the Ombudsman's Office, Right to Vote and the Regularization of War, aimed at the Bolivarian National Police, municipal firefighters, Casa de la Mujer.  

Finally, it was learned that the defenders, delegates in the region, have toured the Bolívar state in order to achieve a comprehensive training in citizenship, as well as in the State security organs, for comprehensive preparation for the elections of the next December 6.

F1 The Ombudsman's Office in Bolívar begins a campaign for the International Day of Tolerance until November 22.

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