In Anzoátegui they will review patents for locals that fail to comply with quarantine

The mayor of the Sotillo municipality of Anzoátegui state, Herminia García Ron, reported that some 32 non-prioritized businesses that failed to comply with the radical quarantine will have their operating license reviewed to evaluate their permanence.

The local president indicated that these procedures were carried out during the past two weeks of quarantine, ordered by the national Executive, to stop the contagion of coronavirus.

García Ron added that they will also apply more severe sanctions against individuals and groups of people who violate biosecurity measures.

The mayor clarified "that it is not about avoiding commercial activity, it is about paralyzing economic sectors that are not prioritized in order to stop the chain of contagion of covid-19".

He announced that in the next few hours they will present an ordinance to the Municipal Council that empowers them to apply direct and personal sanctions.

He recalled that in the jurisdiction more than 900 people have been detained by citizen security agencies for not complying with biosafety measures and breaching the quarantine.

"Until now, preventive arrests have been made and awareness talks have been given, but we hope to modify this method to give more forceful actions to those who insist on breaching the quarantine," warned the mayor.



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