Improvements in the aqueduct favor more than 12 thousand Trujillo residents

More than 12 thousand inhabitants of the Trujillo municipality (capital) were favored with the installation of the motor to activate the pump in the El Calvario sector, after arduous work carried out by the state government, the Trujillano Hydraulic System, Hidroandes and the Mayor's Office.

In this regard, the mayor, Angerson Hernández, stated that this pump supplies drinking water to 13 sectors of the Chiquinquirá parish; Likewise, he highlighted the work of the agencies that served Trujillo families with the supply of the precious liquid through tanker trucks.

“Thanks to God, to Governor Rangel Silva, to the People's Guard and to the heads of the community, who supported us for two months in the distribution of drinking water through tanker trucks, serving the families while the engine was installed in the bomb ”, he stressed.

Hernández added that despite the economic difficulties the country is facing, "the activation of this bomb is an achievement that benefits the Trujillo people."

It should be noted that recently Governor Henry Rangel Silva reported through his account on social networks that the investment of this engine exceeded five thousand dollars.

“He reported on the installation of the motor that activates the pump in El Calvario, Trujillo municipality, which supplies drinking water to 13 sectors of the Chiquinquirá parish. The strength between all levels of government including the People's Power showed that the key is in unity. The investment exceeds 5 dollars and will benefit more than 12 inhabitants of the capital. With these actions, framed in the execution of the water solutions map, in Trujillo we seek to optimize public services. Nothing stops us! ”He wrote on his account @ rangelsilva4f.



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