Immunization of teaching staff continues in the regions

This Monday the application of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine continued to teaching, administrative and worker personnel in the country's regions against covid -19, in a joint organization with the Ministry of People's Power for Health and the Ministry of People's Power for Education. 

In Monagas state, more than 600 teachers were immunized against the coronavirus with the Chinese vaccine during the second day. This was reported by Yesenia Lara, the sole authority of Education in the region, who also indicated that in this second opportunity 11 vaccination points were activated, corresponding in this case, one for each parish of the Maturín municipality.

Lara pointed out that on the first day of the day they were deployed in the San Simón Centro parishes to vaccinate 193 education professionals, in La Cruz 120, Alto de Los Godos 186 and Boquerón 103, leaving the application of the vaccine for this Tuesday in 4 other jurisdictions.

The official urged all educational communities, teaching, administrative and environmental personnel to continue complying with biosecurity measures, as well as implementing methodologies for distance evaluation in order to successfully complete the school year. 

11.918 vaccines against covid-19 arrived in Barinas

A total of 11.918 vaccines against covid-19 have been sent to the state of Barinas, as part of the National Immunization Plan.

This was announced by the governor, Argenis Chávez, during the broadcast of his program Voz Bolivariana, detailing that 5.060 doses of Sputnik V and 6.858 of the Sinopharm vaccine from China have been received in the Llanera entity.

The regional president indicated that to date 1.840 workers in the education sector have been vaccinated, including teachers, workers, administrative personnel and cooks of the Nation. Likewise, it indicated that all the personnel of the two sentinel hospitals, CDI, ambulatory and hospital network of the entity were immunized.

With information from the correspondents: Greissy Marcano / Naiyelis Garcés



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