Image of José Gregorio toured Guatire and Guarenas

Photo: Reference / Courtesy Venevisión

The image of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández received the fervor of the believers of Guatire and Guarenas, in Miranda, when they saw it pass on a truck that toured the ecclesiastical parishes of this axis, which is part of the Diocese of Guarenas.

This Friday, at the beginning of the activity, groups of people approached the Cathedral of Our Lady of Copacabana de Guarenas, to photograph the figure of the "Doctor of the Poor."

The bishop of the Diocese, Tulio Ramírez Padilla, and the vicar José Antonio Barrera accompanied the effigy; While in the caravan were the directors of the Mayor's Office and Poliplaza, Dulce Feliciano and Oscar Henríquez, respectively, among other participants.

The delegation was guarded by members of Poliplaza, Polimiranda, the Bolivarian National Police and Polizamora.

The now blessed visited eleven points in Guarenas and six in Guatire. In the latter city, Mayor Hugo Martínez welcomed and joined the tour.

Wherever it arrived, the image was received by parishioners and the parish priests thanked God for allowing José Gregorio to go up to the altars and also asked for the healing of the sick and protection against covid-19.

As in any expression of faith, there was no lack of prayers and hopeful messages from the priests, as well as songs dedicated to the new Venezuelan blessed.



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