Apureños rejoiced with the beatification of José Gregorio Hernández

With the ringing of bells, the arrival of the great day expected by the Catholic Church was announced, which they waited for more than 70 years.

From very early hours the hurried parishioners were activated to celebrate the beatification of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández from all the ecclesiastical parishes.

With the ringing of bells the arrival of the great day expected by the devotees was announced; since it took more than 70 years for the beatification of the Doctor of the Poor, José Gregorio Hernández.

At the Nuestra Señora del Valle church, located in the San Fernando municipality, the thanksgiving mass began early in the morning, complying with the sanitary protocols established when entering the sanctuary.

The faithful, full of joy and gratitude, accompanied the niche with the image of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández, singing songs and praises in his honor. The Eucharist was guided by the priest, Ender Moissant, pastor of the Nuestra Señora del Valle parish in the diocese of San Fernando de Apure and also Diocesan Chancellor.

Moissant added that on this very special day, "long awaited by all," all families and communities unite in prayer, also highlighting that the bishop has invited all families from their homes to join in prayer, "may this day be thanksgiving, praise, prayer giving thanks to God for this important event ”.

He stressed that this day was not handpicked "it was by mercy of the Lord who was chosen in this historical moment so difficult for all Venezuelans and that it is like a balm that relieves us," he said.

The entire Catholic community in a hurry prepared in advance, holding a novena in honor of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández for several days.

They also dedicated themselves to building an altar for the Venerable from their homes and thus making their prayers for the health of the Venezuelan people - both in health and spiritually - and the most fervent request is that "this world pandemic ends once and for all." This is how Mr. Yoel Solórzano, a devotee of the Blessed, outlined it, assuming that "Apure is a land of miracles and our Lord never abandons us."



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