Hundreds of fish appear dead in the Puerto Piritu Lagoon

Hundreds of fish of the catfish, mojarra, snapper, snook, mullet and lebranche species were found dead this Wednesday in the Puerto Piritu lagoon, Peñalver municipality of Anzoátegui state.

The situation was denounced by the fishermen in the area, who came across the scene when they were getting ready to start their daily work.

A spokesman for the Council of Fishermen, Amílcar Díaz, explained that there are dead animals from the metal fence of the Campo Lindo sector to the mouth of the lagoon.

The fishermen say that the cause is the lack of oxygenation of the water, because the mouth of the sea is covered, damaging the entire Unare-P Espíritu lagoon system.

The spokesperson assures that some five thousand fishermen are affected with the situation that is repeated every year by the plug that is formed due to lack of dredging, to which are added the untreated sewage discharges existing in some parts of the body of water.

He explained that they have asked the authorities to cut a segment of the breakwater or breakwater, "so that the sea water circulates, mixes with that of the lagoon and becomes oxygenated."

The so-called lagoon fishermen will not be able to work until dead fish stop appearing. Díaz said that no authority has appeared on the site, "only people have come who collect some fish for consumption, they come from everywhere to select what they consider can be cooked."



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