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Honors are paid to the Divine Shepherdess at the Manto de María monument

Two moments and a single Marian feeling, lived the devotees of the Image of the Divina Pastora, this Friday, January 14, when the Pastora Móvil arrived at the National Monument "Manto de María" built six years ago to venerate the patron saint of the larenses.

It should be noted that the National Executive built the religious work, as a symbol of peace, friendship and reconciliation of Venezuelans, also as a gift to the Larenses in the 160th procession.

After his departure from the Santa Rosa sanctuary, on his first tour of the year through the different pastoral areas of the Lara state, as is the tradition every January 14, the governor of the Lara state, Adolfo Pereira, together with other civil, community and military authorities, they paid honors to the Mother of God, in the aforementioned place, in the middle of a musical gala to exalt the devotion of the parishioners at around nine o'clock this Friday morning.

Then the Pastora Móvil headed towards the northern area of ​​the Iribarren Municipality (Barquisimeto) moving along the Circunvalación Norte avenue and escorted by motorized units commanded by officials of the Lara State Police Corps, as could be seen in the real-time transmissions carried out. through the social networks of the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto.

They reviewed their passage through Libertador avenues, Venezuela, the Sucre urbanization, 42nd street, 51st and 54th streets, highlighting in the latter, the accompaniment of devotees on foot and on bicycles.

In a majestic way, the passage of the Pastora Móvil carrying the Image of the Shepherdess of Souls was considered, as it passed through the emblematic El Obelisco promenade, an architectural and tourist icon of Barquisimeto, capital of the entity, and then to Cabudare in the Palavecino Municipality. , waiting for the Eucharist at nightfall this Friday, in the Cathedral.