Grandparents of La Guaira propose care from the communities

Establish social policy councils, parochialize care and classify the mistreatment or abandonment of the elderly, are some of the proposals of the grandparents of La Guaira, when initiating the public consultation on the Organic Law for the Protection and Care of Adults and Older Adults.

"The law must establish advisory councils to organize the elderly from the local or municipal level, where it is possible to know what the State's aid and care programs are, where it can be processed from a cane to a rest center," he said. Simón Rojas, community leader for the elderly in La Guaira. 

These consultations will be until next May 11, when a general statement with all the proposals is collected and will be sent via the web to the National Assembly, due to the covid-19 pandemic that the country is experiencing.  

Rojas highlights that the grandparents of La Guaira, were organized from day one, when they made the call for discussion, "we have already visited some neighborhoods and parishes such as Naiguatá, Maiquetía, Carlos Soublette, in small groups due to covid-19."

This first parish plenary session was held at the Municipal Government House, with the participation of representatives from Inass, the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security, the Casa del Abuelo Foundation, and the presence of Deputy Gladys Requena.

During the day, Deputy Requena indicated that this new law contemplates the policy of bonuses granted by the National Executive to improve the income of the elderly with or without a pension, also establishing exonerations and special discounts on medicines and health services that must be adopted by both the public and private system, transport and public shows. 

This reform is expected to expand its radius of action, not only in social care, but also in the classification of minor crimes such as mistreatment of the elderly, abandonment and even assistance and care mechanisms for the elderly. senior citizens who live alone or have a mental or motor disability, among others.



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