García Carneiro: we managed to consolidate a health system despite sanctions

During 2020, the regional government of La Guaira managed to consolidate a primary health care system and health hospitals, as well as the activation of the construction sector and joint ventures, in the midst of a pandemic due to the covid-19 that the country is experiencing.

These actions were carried out with the support of the national government, organizations such as UNHCR and private initiatives, indicated Jorge Luis García Carneiro, governor of La Guaira state, during the delivery of the Report and Account corresponding to fiscal year 2020, before the Comptroller's Office and Council. Legislative of the region.

«In the midst of the economic war and the covid-19 pandemic, we managed to consolidate attention to the people. We are hopeful to continue providing answers for the development of the city, new activities and to continue providing attention to the people, ”said García Carneiro.

He explained that La Guaira has two hospital isolation centers to manage cases of covid-19, being the first in the country and as well as the activation of the health fence in communities and main land or air terminals in the region, also the deployment of the Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic) and recovery of 8 IDUs for the care of patients with covid-19.

From the Plaza Bolívar Chávez, where the act was carried out without an audience and transmitted via streaming zoom, García Carneiro emphasized that this health infrastructure remains active in the face of the rebound in cases, thus guaranteeing the lives of more than 6.000 people, who have overcome covid-19 in the region, since the beginning of the pandemic.

In terms of infrastructure, it achieved the completion of the Forum La Guaira stadium, as well as the second stage of the Cinta Costera, in addition to the recovery and construction of the agricultural road in the Carayaca parish. Also the maintenance of the main avenues and a new urban planning of the Venezuela Housing Mission.

On the other hand, it managed to equip the automotive fleet of the State Police, the Sol de Vargas Foundation and other organizations in charge of the security, drinking water and maintenance services of the city.

García Carneiro, emphasized that they have reached more than 100 vulnerable and difficult-to-access communities with health, food and sanitation sessions run by the Fundación Regional del Niño and Somos Venezuela.

Finally, he said that La Guaira has decreased homicides in the state by more than 70%, thanks to the work of the state police together with the PNB, Cicpc, Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) and other security forces.



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