Francelina Sayago: Últimas Noticias It is a family newspaper close to the town

She never gives up her work for her community.

If a feeling moves the fibers of Francelina Sayago, it is her love for her neighbor and for that Venezuela that she sees reflected daily in the pages of Últimas Noticias. A diverse country, full of contradictions, but that every day is found in family, friendship, solidarity and love for what is ours. A country that in the midst of difficulties works and dreams of a better society.

We found Francelina in one of her many daily tasks, recovering a road from her community in sector 2 of Caña de Azúcar, in the Aragüeño municipality of Mario Briceño Iragorry, from where we moved to its operations center, the small María Luisa School Paredes, in which, accompanied by neighbors and comrades in struggle, she manages social aid, medicine, food for the children in the area, and where she plans visits to patients who require her assistance.

She says that her day begins by thanking God for the privilege of life, and immediately gets down to work and, together with her husband, they go to school where they plan their itinerary that includes the preparation of 40 meals that are distributed daily among the students. Kids most in need of the community, visits to patients, and works that go from pruning the forest, planting plants, recovery of spaces, among many other tasks.

She also takes the time to read ÚN, a family custom that began with her mother and aunt, faithful readers of the newspaper. "My mother was a good reader of Últimas NoticiasI read it because it seems to me like a family newspaper close to the people ”.

Francelina describes herself as a Christian and extremely human, defender of social causes, whose highest aspiration is to be able to walk and function without impediments until the last of her days, to continue reaching out to everyone who needs it: “without Serving others would not be me ”, she comments excitedly.

One of the initiatives that generates the greatest satisfaction for her are the so-called love baskets that, thanks to the solidarity of neighbors, government institutions, companies and the Christian church where she congregates, have allowed her to distribute food baskets among families with fewer resources. , a necessary support in times of economic difficulty. Another source of pride is the different courses that they have managed to take to the community in the spaces of the María Luisa Paredes School, ranging from the teaching of Venezuelan confectionery, sewing workshops, dance classes, yoga and even modeling.

Francelina has carried out community work in other areas of the Aragüean capital such as Campo Alegre, San Vicente and La Candelaria, and participated in a mission that toured several rural communities in the state of Amazonas in 2003.

One of the projects that this community leader dreams of is the construction of a Barrio Adentro module in her sector, for which they have already located a space, as well as a water well to solve the failures in the supply of the vital liquid. But, without a doubt, Francelina Sayago's most ambitious project is to be able to see a more just and egalitarian society where everyone can live with dignity.

"We have to sow good values ​​in our children, we must sensitize young people, make them more human and less selfish, an uphill task in which the media, especially UN, which has always been by the side of the people, have a fundamental role" reflected Francelina, who said goodbye with an exhortation to never abandon work for the most vulnerable.

To serve…

Francelina Sayago, born in Andean lands, in Capacho from Tachira, at 65 years of age is an example of the Venezuelan woman who struggles and contributes her potential and capabilities to the construction of a better country. With a Spanish father and a Colombian mother, she grew up in a family of 12 siblings where the values ​​of solidarity and mutual support were the basis for getting ahead in the midst of economic difficulties. With two heart operations in tow and a pacemaker, she plays the role of mother and grandmother to 4 children and 11 grandchildren, with whom she shares her love for social causes. A nurse by profession, she came to the state of Aragua in 1974, where she practiced the profession that she is passionate about at the La Candelaria outpatient clinic, in El Limón, where she even became its director.

In picture, Francelina Sayago


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