Flood prevention and control plan apply in Apure

The municipalities of Apure state start the flood prevention and control plan in order to maintain cleanliness in the communities and avoid problems in this new rainy season.

The mayor of the San Fernando municipality, Ofelia Padrón, reported that the cleaning and weeding plan for the canals continues to be carried out.

“Specifically, we are working in three important points in the municipality, such as the José Antonio Páez, La Hidalguía and Los Centauros communities. There we have machinery and crews to advance in this work that is framed in the strengthening of public services and the Carabobo 200 Plan, in turn taking provisions to avoid flooding in our communities during the winter season, "he said.

Likewise, in the border municipality José Antonio Páez, following the same lines of the regional government, this drainage and pipe cleaning plan is being carried out through the municipal services department in its different parishes.

Carlos Méndez, head of maintenance work at the mayor's office, added: "We are actually carrying out work on sanitation and cleaning of the concrete canal that corresponds to important sectors of the municipality and this work has not been done for a long time."

Méndez concluded by noting that these works of great magnitude are carried out thanks to the support of the municipal and regional government. I also take the opportunity to make a call to the community to become aware and help keep the canals clean, avoiding turning them into garbage deposits and spreading sources of contamination.



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