Few bathers on Anzoátegui beaches on flexible weekend

For the islands of the Mochima National Park they also reported weak mobilization of people.

Little influx of bathers was observed this Saturday, April 17, on beaches and islands of the Anzoátegui state. In this week of easing, after 21 days of radical quarantine, tourist traders or concessionaires expected more influx of people.

The beaches of Lido, Canales and Cangrejo de Lechería, much visited by locals and visitors before the pandemic, were desolate.

Alíyabor Baéz, one of the merchants who for more than 20 has been renting awnings and chairs on Lido beach, said that more people were waiting after so many days of quarantine.  

The same panorama was observed in Canales beach. Few people who decided to enjoy the coast.

For the islands of the Mochima National Park, they also reported weak mobilization of people from the La Baritina dock in Guanta.

Daglis Jiménez, a member of one of the cooperatives that operates in the Guanteño dock, said that some 69 bathers were mobilized to Isla de Plata and Punta la Cruz.

He added that they are complying with biosecurity measures and in addition to requiring the use of face masks, they respect the established hours and occupation capacity of the spas.

While on the pier of Paseo de la Cruz y el Mar the transfer of bathers was almost nil. Francisco Córcega said that only two people approached the pier to request the transfer to Isla El Faro.



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