Festivities of the Virgen del Valle will be behind closed doors

The Bishop of the Diocese of Margarita, Monsignor Fernando Castro Aguayo, announced in a statement that the liturgical celebrations of September 1 and 8, the descent and the day of Our Lady of the Valley respectively, will take place in a controlled setting without the participation of faithful in them, due to the alert that remains in the country for the new variants of the covid-19 virus.

Castro Aguayo assured that the decision was made after analyzing the possible scenarios together with the representatives of the Single Health Authority, the Sanitary Comptroller's Office, Regional Epidemiology, Redimain, Zodine 71, and the emergency service Come 911, to guarantee "the good of the people of God".

“I strongly urge all the faithful devotees to stay during those days at home and follow the celebrations through the media who are already coordinating what is necessary to reach the homes of all the faithful devotees of our Mother. I also ask you to be aware of the delicate situation in which the civil, military and police authorities will deploy the necessary operation to maintain public order, ”the ecclesiastical authority said in the statement.

This year also celebrates the Centennial of the proclamation of the Virgin of the Valley as Patroness of the Diocese of Guayana, which by 1921 comprised the entire vast territory of eastern and southern Venezuela. "We have plenty of reasons to rejoice and honor the mother of God who under this beloved dedication has wanted to stay in our island land for almost five centuries," the statement reads.



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