Pueblo Nuevo Symphony Orchestra in Falcón opens new venue

The Falcón State Government delivered a new headquarters to the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra System, Pueblo Nuevo nucleus, in the Falcón municipality, in which the children's and youth choirs of that town are formed, in order to continue promoting culture in the entity .

Music transforms and educates, therefore the regional Executive's commitment to contribute to the training of more than 300 boys, girls and young people who make life in this music school, will consolidate the spaces that highlight the talent of the Falconians.

Paraguaná, is a quarry of cultivators, musicians and makers of culture, therefore the regional government in conjunction with Incudef and the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture, promote and enhance our identity as a people inherited from our Caquetio ancestors. 

The young musicians of the Pueblo Nuevo Symphony Orchestra now have a headquarters for the development of the activities inherent to that area as important to the human being as music.



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