Extreme measures are applied in the harsh region

The Governor of Apure state, Ramón Carrizalez intensified sanitary measures in the region.

The Governor of Apure state, Ramón Carrizalez issued instructions to intensify sanitary measures at the beginning of the week of radical quarantine that will culminate this next Sunday, August 23.

The regional president reported that "this Monday the radical quarantine scheme is resumed just like the last week of quarantine" at the same time that he added that "we must acknowledge the work done by the security agencies that day by day give everything to protect the community «.

Likewise, he stressed that permission will not be given to move between the municipalities of a hurry and pointed out that there will be a high level of demand regarding the essential activities that are allowed. 

On the other hand, Carrizalez made a call for the authorities and merchants to demand the measure of social distancing and compliance with health protocols, being emphatic that "you have to be tough with those businesses that cheat, those that having a different object take advantage of the essential activities to open these to the public will be sanctioned ".

Fuel distribution

Carrizalez also referred to the issue of gasoline stating that "queues should not be allowed at service stations before the time to equip, likewise after the end of the day there should be no people in queue", he pointed out.

To conclude, the regional authority recalled that it is important that users within service stations remain near or inside their vehicle and those who do not have to do with vehicle equipment should not remain in the vicinity of service stations. 



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