Everything ready for the start of the San Sebastian Fair 2022

Freddy Bernal, Governor of Táchira explained everything about the San Sebastián Fair

The fifty-seventh edition of the San Sebastian International Fair 2022, which is held in honor of the patron saint of the capital of Tachira, is counting down to start with all the activities that will take place over two weeks (from January 15 to 30) and that they will have as a meeting point the Fair Complex located in the Pueblo Nuevo sector, in the upper part of the city.

From the mayor's office of San Cristóbal, trucks are already ready to go through the streets and avenues for the collection of waste, in addition to the work undertaken by the state government for the patching and recovery of the roads through which the cyclists who will compete in the Tour of Táchira by Bicycle. 

Regarding the security operation, the commander of the Táchira Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi-Táchira) GD/ Ángel Moronta Juliao highlighted that more than 3 officers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and Citizen Security Organizations are already deployed. , who will have as a premise to provide the relevant protection to their own and foreigners during recreational activities.

The military representative estimates that the actions around the stages of the Vuelta al Táchira will focus on avoiding crowds and maintaining organization and discipline at each stage, he insisted on emphasizing supervision for compliance with biosafety measures as a determining part of the procedures that will be carried out during the activities of the fair.

For his part, the first regional authority, Freddy Alirio Bernal Rosales, reiterated his call to maintain biosecurity measures to avoid contagion in each of the activities that are expected to take place in the two weeks of celebration, reiterated the call for conscience to the tachirense community, which must be above the control and security guidelines applied by the national executive.

"We do not know how long we will have a pandemic, not only covid-19 but all its strains and that leads us to try to live as normally as possible (...) the conscience of the people will be more important than the biosecurity measures implemented by the Government " .

Bernal Rosales stressed that the biosafety team coordinated by the Single Health Authority in the region, Amelia Fressel, will put into practice "the protection bubble", which is constant supervision of those who attend or participate in the fair activities. In the case of athletes, members of national and international cycling teams, who will be in the Vuelta al Táchira, random tests are planned to be carried out permanently, throughout all the stages that will be held in the state and thus maintain control. sanitary.

Activities at the Biosegura Fair

Despite the fact that some independent institutions have already begun their activities within the framework of the celebration, which is held annually in the entity, it is from this January 15 when the festivities are formalized with the realization of the fair parade, which will have its point of Starting at the Plaza de Toros Monumental Don Hugo Domingo Molina Colmenares, it will travel along España Avenue, to close at the former headquarters of the Tachirense Tourism Corporation, Cotatur.

The LVII edition of the Vuelta al Táchira by bicycle will take place with eight stages that will be held from January 16 to January 23. 27 teams will participate in the international competition, 10 international and 17 national, with 162 runners from Serbia, Panama, United States, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Italy, Holland and Venezuela.

The stages to be contested are: Táriba-San Cristóbal Circuit (I Stage), Hacienda Los Almendros-Ciudad Bolivia (II Stage), Socopó-Santo Domingo (III Stage), Mérida Circuit (IV Stage), La Tendida-La Grita (V Stage), Rubio “Concafé”-Casa del Padre (VI Stage), Ureña-San Antonio-Cerro El Cristo Circuit (VII Stage) and, San Cristóbal Circuit (VIII Stage).

The election and coronation of the queen of FISS 2020 will be held on January 22 at the Plaza de Toros Monumental Don Hugo Domingo Molina Colmenares and will have as guests the participants of the musical contest "Yo me llamo" as well as dances and other activities in the field regional.

The Plaza de Toros Monumental Don Hugo Domingo Molina Colmenares will have three bullfights on posters, from January 27 to 29, closing on Sunday 30 with the traditional comic-bullfighting show.

To culminate, the 5K and 21K international half marathon returns on January 30, which will run through the main streets and avenues of the city of San Cristóbal.



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