Equip the Dr. Luis Razetti hospital in Barinas with equipment

An electrosurgical unit, rectoscope, arthroscope and arterial gasometer were received.

The Ministry of Popular Power for Health provided the equipment required to reinforce care in critical areas of the Dr. Luis Razetti hospital in Barinas state.

Dr. Rafael Fajardo, director of the first health center of the Llanera entity, reported that an arthroscopy, electrosurgical, rectoscopy and arterial gasometry equipment was received that will help strengthen the surgical area and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

He explained that with the installation of the arthroscope, one or two shifts will be established for knee and ligament surgeries. He stressed that the gasometer is used in patients who are in ICU to study the components of electrolytes in the blood. 

"Through the procedures carried out between the Government and the Regional Health Directorate, we received this important endowment that will allow a more expeditious and functional service," he said.



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