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Domestic Gas Distribution increased 40% service in Guárico

In Guárico state, the service capacity within the Domestic Gas Distribution system registered during the year 2021 from January to December 26 has reached an increase of 40% compared to 2020, thus meaning the benefit of more than one million 683 thousand 806 families in the 15 municipalities that make up the Guariqueño territory.

This service also includes residential, commercial, subsidized, exempt bulk service, in addition to domestic cylinders, totaling more than 44 million liters of Liquefied Petroleum Gas dispatched in more than 5.400 Guariquen communities.

This information was provided by the president of the state company Distribuidora de Gas Guárico (DigasGua), G / D José Dionisio Goncalvez, during a special gas filling operation carried out at the Work Center located in San Juan de Los Morros, Juan municipality Germán Roscio Nieves, in which he offered the balance at the end of the year where 4 filling plants, a mini-plant and 8 work centers remain operational.

Goncalvez said that this increase was achieved through strategic actions established between the Guárico government under the instructions of Governor José Vásquez, together with PDVSA Gas Comunal chaired by Caryl Bertho, in addition to the private sector, which have to do with the construction of new gas filling plants, mini plants that have allowed to expand the capacity of attention and reduce the overload of the same; followed by the strengthening of the transport fleet, expansion of quotas for tanks and others.

Filling plants in Guárico

These infrastructures correspond to: El Negro Infante filling plant, located in the city of Valle de la Pascua; William Lara Plant in Calabozo, the first where resources have been invested for the conditioning of equipment. Also added are the José Tadeo Monagas Plant located in Altagracia de Orituco; Leomar Gil plant and a mini plant with the private company in San Juan de los Morros.

Direct and fast service

One of the implemented alternatives that have provided the best results corresponds to the Mobile Filling Unit, with which, in 8 months, 105 saturation days have been carried out in the 15 municipalities of Guariqueña geography, addressing 35 of the 39 parishes serving more than 250.000 families, also reducing service lapses from 3-4 months to 21 days, allowing repetitive care.

The president of DigasGua, said that for the year 2022 it is planned to incorporate new filling plants and collection centers in strategic municipalities from which it is possible to boost the service capacity, also advancing with the organization of the Popular Power in the monitoring and control from the CLAPs to avoid irregularities in the service.

Angelo Navarro