Security Staff in the Delta reinforces fight against covid

With the participation of all the security agencies of the entity, the COVID-19 Security Staff was installed in Delta Amacuro, whose functions are the control, surveillance, care and prevention of the population due to the possible spread of the new variant of the coronavirus .

This was reported by the governor, Lizeta Hernández, together with the secretary of Security and Public Order in the region, Noel Valderrama, who also stated: “these actions are reinforced and carried out after an increase in positive cases in various entities of the country, and our proximity to the border states, such as Bolívar for example, which is bordering with Brazil, motivates us to take quick measures and thus avoid the increase in outbreaks ”, said the president.

The meeting was held at the air detachment No. 61 of the Bolivarian National Guard, where the governor outlined the strategies to be followed by the COVID Security Staff in the region, with the aim of continuing the deployment of security that allows the troops enforce biosecurity measures and the hours allowed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, in addition to supervising that businesses accept the current monetary cone and comply with the established hours.

Finally, Hernández said: "they will not lower their guard in the fight against covid-19 in the Delta."



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