The first deltan doctors have already been vaccinated with Sputnik V

The authorities explained that the goal on this first day is to apply 340 vaccines to health personnel

The 1.080 doses that arrived last Friday afternoon in the city of Tucupita are already being applied since the morning of this Saturday to the health personnel of the Dr. Luis Razetti Hospital, as reported by Dr. Yajaira Segovia, Head of the Regional Health Directorate Delta Amacuro state.

“We are beginning the first phase of vaccination against Covid-19, applying Sputnik-V to health personnel who have been the spearhead and fighter of this pandemic that has affected us worldwide, thanks to the efforts of many people, to support from the regional government, Dr. Lizeta Hernández, we must thank President Nicolás Maduro, our Rector Minister Carlos Alvarado, and all the authorities who have been ensuring that once again we can provide health, this is a unique opportunity in the world " , stated Dr. Yajaira Segovia.

The first to receive the vaccine in Delta Amacuro was Cardiologist Raquel Ruíz, who described the process as simple and fast "So far I do not feel pain or adverse effect, I feel fine," she added.

The Secretary of Government of the state Delta Amacuro, engineer Alexander Amares, classified the development of the day as a historic event.

“We are full of joy, showing that the revolutionary government chaired by Nicolás Maduro, even in the Pandemic does not stop, giving a response to the people, attending to the medical personnel who have been watching everyone, we together with Governor Lizeta Hernández and the Armed Forces, supporting all the decisions taken to guarantee the success of this day, ”said the Secretary of Government.

Likewise, the authorities explained that the goal on this first day is to apply 340 vaccines to health personnel who within 21 days should receive the second dose of Sputnik-V.



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