Supplies are delivered to families affected by rain in Cojedes

Authorities of the Bolivarian Government of Cojedes delivered supplies and equipment to families affected by floods, which left heavy rains in the Pao de San Juan Bautista municipality.

The emergency situation arose after the Pao-La Balsa Reservoir, located in this municipality, increased its levels and overflowed, which produced a balance of more than 200 families affected by floods.

Francis Mata, mayor of El Pao, pointed out that the attention to families who are in shelters ranges from food, health and other services necessary for some 89 people who are refugees.

Likewise, he assured that the affected families who remain with relatives are being characterized, in order to be able to attend to some of the needs that the contingency left them.

Mata also said that the Reservoir is lowering its levels, and detailed that the teams made up of members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Popular Base Teams, and national and regional authorities that have addressed this situation remain on alert working to provide support and security to the inhabitants of El Pao.

Health care

Maiquer Ruiz, Unique Health Authority in Cojedes, stressed that the Health Teams are in the municipality attending and helping families with consultations, vaccinations and medications.

Likewise, he explained that in each of the 3 active shelters 1 clinic was installed, which will attend to refugee children and adults 24 hours a day, and people from the communities who require some type of medical treatment; clinics that will remain, at least until local risk decreases.



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