They deliver medical supplies to the Juan de Dios Martínez Hospital in Zulia

They provided an important batch of medicines, supplies and fumigation machines

The Government of Zulia state delivered an important batch of medicinal supplies and fumigation machines against metaxenic diseases to the Juan de Dios Martínez Hospital located in the Sucre municipality of the South Lake axis. 

Omaira Prieto, the sole health authority in the region, toured the facilities of the health center in order to check the operating conditions of the enclosure in order to optimize its operation and listen to proposals from the medical and nursing staff in order to respond to the needs and concerns of physicians. 

The health authority stated that thanks to President Nicolás Maduro, of the Ministry of Popular Power for health and through the Environmental Health Directorate, machines were delivered for fumigation tasks that allow combating metaxenic diseases that cause diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Zika , Chikungunya among others caused by vectors, reservoirs and harmful fauna. 



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