They deliver equipment to Civil Protection in Delta Amacuro

From the hands of the Governor of the Delta Amacuro state, Lizeta Hernández, the provision of materials and logistics equipment was delivered to Civil Protection of the Casacoima municipality to strengthen the risk management system in the entity.

The mayor of the Casacoima municipality, Edgar Guzmán, and Civil Protection authorities received the inputs that will improve the operational development of this institution, which are the first line of battle against the risks of rains and other natural phenomena.

"We thank President Nicolás Maduro for this important endowment through the Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Minister Carmen Meléndez, so we can continue to attend to the disinfection of our municipality as a measure to avoid contagion by covid-19," said the governor of the entity Lizeta Hernández.

In addition to facing the various scenarios left by the rains, this endowment will have the purpose of supporting them in their work to reinforce disinfection and environmental sanitation measures to prevent the spread of the new variant of covid-19 already present in the neighboring state of Bolívar, the authorities indicated.

The materials and equipment include, boots, safety glasses, life jackets, helmets, nitrile gloves, thermal gloves, hoods, ponchos, mattresses, uniforms, shovels, picks, machetes, axes, brush cutters, disinfectants, face masks, antibacterial, kit of urban tools and first aid kit, among others.

The Casacoima municipality is located quite close to San Félix, in Bolívar state, so an epidemiological fence was implemented to prevent the spread of the new variant of covid-19.



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