Debate draft of the Law to promote livestock in Falcón

A commission of the National Assembly (AN), led by parliamentarian Ricardo Sánchez, was installed in the El Cebollal sector, Miranda municipality, in order to develop the first discussion of the draft Law for the promotion of sheep and goat farming in the Falcón state.

Present at the installation were the Minister of University Education, César Trómpiz and Governor Víctor Clark, as well as the deputies and members of the permanent commission on Education, Science and Technology of the National Assembly, as well as the local producer associations.

Minister César Trómpiz, head of the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, stressed that this bill is aimed at strengthening agri-food sovereignty and Falcón is a fundamental vertex in practice. Likewise, the entity will have the support of university education, science and all the organizational bases that contribute their knowledge to this legislation.

For his part, Víctor Clark pointed out, when welcoming the delegates of the permanent commission to promote the first discussion of the Law for the Promotion and Development of Sheep and Goat Livestock, that the entity is a reference in this matter.

The regional president accompanied by the local and municipal team, as well as the producers and associations, highlighted the importance of consolidating the productive activity through the approval of this law, in the same way, to concatenate efforts to optimize livestock production in the sheep and goat sector, as it is to increase the herds, genetic improvement and milk production and fattening, and thus keep the state at the forefront of the national economic recovery. 

Clark also announced the upcoming inauguration of the Center for Research and Genetic Insemination in Falcón, coordinated by the Francisco de Miranda National Experimental University (Unefm), which aims to increase herds, develop crosses and improve fattening with the vision of guaranteeing quantity and quality. in animals that produce milk and meat.

This instrument seeks to promote and provide producers with the tools and support to strengthen this productive sector, as well as consolidate the country as a potential exporter of goat and sheep farming.

Representing the producer associations - Asovicaf and Calavidof - Hilmarg Montero thanked the government for its interest in re-boosting the sheep and goat activity, stating “although in 2016 there was a drop in production, the united sector has improved and overcome this difficulty to continue contributing to the development of the entity and today we have the support of the governor who is convinced that this is the historic moment for goat and sheep farming in Venezuelan culture ”.



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