Controlled focus of malaria in Chuspa and Caruao

José Manuel Suárez, governor in charge of La Guaira, indicated after carrying out an epidemiological fence and fumigation days in the Caruao parish, that the focus of malaria in the coastal town is under control.

Suárez offered a balance of the actions, during the meeting of the La Guaira Health General Staff, indicated that “the malaria focus in Chuspa and Caruao are controlled, there are few cases of contagion and people are being treated. An epidemiological fence was deployed ”.

He highlighted the monitoring, control and evaluation of this focus of malaria, for months, which is why the Environmental Health team of the Ministry of Health was activated for "the fumigation days, in spaces of common use", as well as the orientation and preventive measures in the town of Caruao, with the support of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and organized communities. 

It was learned that only 11 cases have been registered on the Guaireño coast to date, which receive medical treatment at the Los Caracas Isolation Center.

The contagion was caused by a worker from the Bolívar mines, who settled in the border area between the state of La Guaira and Miranda, and moved to the San José sector, Caruao parish. 

In the towns of Chuspa, La Sabana and Caruao there have been cases of people with symptoms, which were detected after a medical evaluation. 



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