Operation continues to prevent the use of Anzoátegui beaches

Surveillance operations and tours of the spas are maintained with the support of regional police officers

Until this Easter Sunday, officials from the citizen security agencies will be deployed on the coast of the Anzoátegui state to avoid the use of the beaches during the radical quarantine that is being carried out in the country to stop the spread of covid-19.

In the Guanta municipality, the maritime brigade maintains a special device, informed the director of Poliguanta, Chief Commissioner Efrén Tineo.

The police chief explained that the beaches of the Mochima National Park are monitored daily. Likewise, the patrol unit monitors La Sirena Park and other points of tourist or recreational interest "in order to prevent people from making use of those spaces disrespecting the measures established during the radical quarantine."

During the holiday, more than 100 people have been evicted from the Guanteñas beaches, for which he announced that the patrol remains active throughout the jurisdiction.

While in the Urbaneja municipality, the Lido, Canales, Cangrejo and Mansa beaches remain clear.

The director of Poliurbaneja mayor Luis Ortiz Maraguacare reported that supervision operations and tours of the spas are maintained with the support of regional police officers.

"Patrolling and constant supervision are maintained in the different peace quadrants, to avoid the crowding of people in public spaces such as beaches and boulevards of the Urbaneja municipality," said the director of Poliurbaneja.



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