Mass vaccination plan against covid continues in the regions

In the states of Miranda, Trujillo and Amazonas, the application of the VeroCell and Sputnik V vaccines continues with success in the vaccination centers of each entity. A balance issued this Wednesday in the Guaicaipuro municipality of the Altos Mirandinos more than 17.000 doses have been applied and in the Mirandina region of Santa Lucía del Tuy more than 5.000 people have been immunized in Pasi “Dr. José Gregorio Hernández ”, on the other hand, in Trujillo state, they await the arrival of the second dose of Sputnik V.

In the Guaicaipuro municipality, Miranda state, more than 17.000 doses of VeroCell and Sputnik V were applied to the population as part of the Mass Vaccination plan against covid -19, carried out by the national government.

This was reported by the Director of Health of the Guaicaipuro Mayor's Office, Diana Bastidas, who highlighted that the statistics are counted from the beginning of the day on June 02 until this Wednesday, June 30.

The statistics come from five vaccination points installed in the jurisdiction that include the Guaicaipuro mayor's office, the Municipal Council session hall (ground floor of the local town hall), the “Frank Gil” Sports Palace, the Casa de the Tanya Díaz Arts (former headquarters of the Athenaeum) as well as the Victorino Santaella Hospital (HVS).

Bastidas pointed out that they have enough doses to respond to the population. In that sense, he called on the population to comply with their second dose and maintain biosecurity measures for the prevention of covid-19.

“Thanks to the policies of our national, regional and municipal governments, we have complied with our daily vaccination days. We call on people who received the first dose to go to receive their second dose at the center where they received it, we have a guarantee of sufficient doses, "he said.

Mass vaccination against the virus continues to be carried out through the Patria system.

Second batch of Vero Cell vaccines arrived in Santa Lucía del Tuy

Charallave. A batch of 5.090 vaccines and syringes to immunize the population against covid-19 arrived in the Paz Castillo municipality (Santa Lucía del Tuy), Miranda state.

It corresponded to Hurlen Palencia, director of Subsequent Control of the Municipal Comptroller; and to the auditor Saida Ramírez to carry out the perceptual controls of the reception of the second dose of Vero Cell vaccines, of Chinese origin.

From the Integral Social Care Point (Pasi) “Dr. José Gregorio Hernández ”, located in the El Jabillos sector, Elirrod Silva, secretary of the Social Area, indicated that there are 5.090 vaccines to supply those Luciteans who were summoned by text messaging from the Patria System.

He insisted that vaccination against the coronavirus is free, effective, fast and efficient.

Silva revealed so far in June, in the Pasi “Dr. José Gregorio Hernández ”5.396 doses have been applied to the same number of residents. 

He commented that people have flocked to get vaccinated in response to the call made by President Nicolás Maduro through the governing bodies, the Ministry of Popular Power for Health and the Health Directorate of the Miranda state.

Silva added that on the 17th the immunization of lactating and pregnant women began. He invited these women to come to Pasi for the placement of the first dose in prevention of covid-19 and its variants.

Authorities reviewed the batch of doses. Photos: Courtesy of the Mayor's Office of Paz Castillo.

In Trujillo they await the second dose of Sputnik V

In the state of Trujillo, the vaccination process against covid-19 is progressing satisfactorily, as part of the massive immunization day that is carried out throughout the country; This was reported on Wednesday by Governor Henry Rangel Silva.
During the 258th broadcast of his radio and television program Al Día con Rangel Silva, the regional president affirmed that the entity is waiting for the arrival of the second dose of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V.
“Immunizations are underway. The second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine, of Russian origin, as soon as it arrives we will begin to place it (…) we must remind the population that there is an estimated time between 21 and 90 days to apply the second dose, ”he said.
He also highlighted the work of the Trujillana de la Salud Foundation (Fundasalud), which has deployed a great team together with various safety and prevention organizations in 35 vaccination points.
"The one most interested in getting people vaccinated is me," reaffirmed Rangel Silva.

In this sense, Fundasalud, through its social networks, reported that the vaccination with the second dose of the Chinese biological Sinopharm continues to be carried out in the entity.

Call of conscience

On the other hand, Rangel Silva said that the rates of contagion by covid-19 "have increased considerably" throughout the country, for this reason he called on the population to take care of themselves and not relax.

 "We have made a series of efforts to contain the chains of contagion (...) all of us complying with biosecurity measures to prevent covid-19," he said.

 He added that the government remains deployed in the 20 municipalities of the entity to control and reduce infections. "The conscience of each one is fundamental in these moments", he assured.

He recalled that this week is a radical quarantine and as such only the sectors allowed in the national 7 + 7 plan should be activated.

The regional government remains deployed in the 20 municipalities of the entity to control and reduce infections.

Immunizations in the state of Amazonas

The Government of Amazonas state through its social networks @gobamazonas reported that in the Health and Social Welfare Unit (Usabien), located in the José María Vargas Popular Clinic in Puerto Ayacucho, 233 people have been immunized with the first dose of VeroCell and 170 people with the second dose of Sinopharm, complying with the schedule of the immunization plan.

The vaccination days are being carried out in both the radical and flexible weeks, complying with the biosafety measures and protocols against covid-19.

With information from the correspondents: Iralva Moreno, Airamy Carreño Espejo and Rebeca Viloria.



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