The Bicentennial Forest route continues in Nueva Esparta

As part of the Bicentennial Bosques Plan, an Ecobrigade was formed and sworn in with the students and teachers.

The Mission Tree Foundation continues with the day of planting trees in every street of the Nueva Esparta state, as part of the activities framed in the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo. The goal is to plant fruit, ornamental and native species in the 4.500 streets of the island entity.

In the Plaza Bolívar de La Asunción, Arismendi municipality, an araguaney, 9 palms, 30 crotos and an apamate were planted, with the participation of volunteers from different institutions such as the Ministry of Ecosocialism, Inparques, the Mayor's Office of Arismendi, the Venezuelan Ecologist Movement (Meven), Los Palmeros Asuntinos and the community.

Likewise, as part of the Bicentennial Forest Plan, an Ecobrigade was formed and sworn in with the students and teachers of the Antonio Díaz de Juangriego Educational Unit, Marcano municipality, with the presence of the head of the Educational Zone, Noris Soto.

In this educational institution, fruit plants were planted: four from Limón, one from milky, two from banana, and three from sugar apple. Likewise, in the Mariño municipality, four palms were delivered to be planted in the Villas Palguarime sector.



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