Confirmed 19 cases of children with Kawasaki syndrome in Bolívar

Photo: Archive

Dr. Franklin Franchi, the Single Health Authority in Bolívar state, reported that at least 19 cases of children with Kawasaki syndrome have been detected in the region in recent weeks, a disease that causes inflammation in the walls of some blood vessels of the body, confirmed the doctor.

"We have children with Kawasaki syndrome, and thanks to the work of the regional government we have been able to acquire immunoglobulins and save those children," said Franchi.

There is an increase in cases of the disease in the region, because on June 30, the governor of the entity Justo Noguera, announced on his social networks that only six infants suffered from it, however, up to now there are 19 cases.

Franchi made an alert call to mothers, fathers, representatives or those in charge, not to expose children to a contagion by coronavirus, because Kawasaki disease is a complication that is associated with the virus.

"The best thing is that children do not get sick, because there will always be some sequelae and it is preferable that they are healthy, if we do not have immunoglobulin, that child can die," he concluded.



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