Comprehensive rehabilitation receive maternity wards in the state of Zulia

In the state of Zulia, the recovery and comprehensive conditioning plan for maternity wards begins, the first to be rehabilitated is located in Maracaibo and the second in the Jesús Enrique Lossada municipality, in order to guarantee comprehensive and dignified care for pregnant women.

The first two to be rehabilitated are the Doctor Raúl Leoni Maternal and Child Hospital (El Marite), located in the western area of ​​Maracaibo and the Lesbia Meléndez Maternity, which is located in the Jesús Enrique Lossada municipality.

Also included in this plan are the Oncológico de Occidente Doctor Humberto Fernández Morán and the Clínica Popular Primero de Mayo in Maracaibo, in order to provide and guarantee decent spaces for patients. 

Old structures

El gobernador del Zulia, Omar Prieto, expresó que el Materno de El Marite será rescatado de manera total. “Esta infraestructura tiene más de 42 años y cuenta con especialidades en ginecología, obstetricia, pediatría, neonatología, medicina interna, nutrición, cirugía general, epidemiología y odontología», detalló. 

He said that this Maternal has a pediatric ICU, an element of vital importance, since it will provide service free of charge, due to how expensive an Intensive Care delivery in a private institution can be. 

He said that they will install new floors, internal and external lighting, adjustments in bathrooms, faucet installations, new wooden doors, waterproofing in 1500 square meters, installation of 220 tons of air conditioning in an integral way and placement of individual airs, in addition to painting. in general, cleaning, maintenance and new equipment. 

Prieto explained that in the Lesbia Meléndez Maternity, in the Jesús Enrique Lossada municipality, which has a delivery and labor room, rest rooms for medical personnel, hospitalization area, adequate spaces provided by the Zulia Government, they will carry out a series of works.

He stressed that this maternity is named after Lesbia Meléndez, in honor of the doctor who dedicated herself to work in the aforementioned hospital for more than 26 years. 

He said that they will be able to attend to all the mothers and children of the Jesús Enrique Lossada municipality, in order to prevent the population from having to travel to the metropolitan axis, such as Maracaibo and San Francisco. 

Other centers

También serán rehabilitados el Oncológico de Occidente «Dr. Humberto Fernández Morán» en Maracaibo, el cual se reactivará para pacientes con cáncer, luego de ejecutar trabajos de mantenimiento integral y preventivo a uno de los aceleradores. 
He added that a medical equipment company was installed on the premises to carry out corrective and preventive tasks.

«Tenemos este equipo totalmente operativo, ya se iniciaron las simulaciones, para que el paciente sea tratado con un alto nivel de tecnología y con un alto nivel de profesionalismo» acotó. 

Explicó que los aceleradores recibirán mantenimiento constante para extender su durabilidad y funcionamiento, «En los próximos meses colocaremos un segundo equipo para aumentar la atención a 240 pacientes al mes». 

Another center to be recovered is the Clínica Popular Tipo 1 Primero de Mayo, located in the Chiquinquirá parish, in the Maracaibo municipality, where all its care areas were reconditioned and rehabilitated. 

Prieto Fernández explained that this Comprehensive Diagnostic Center has areas of general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry, family medicine, nutrition, laboratory, physiotherapy and immunization, spaces rehabilitated by the regional government to offer quality health service to the community of the First of May and Santa María sector and will be operational 24 hours a day. 

The regional president explained that the recovery of hospital and outpatient infrastructures is part of the Plan to strengthen the health system in the entity to guarantee medical care for the people in the midst of the economic blockade and the Covid-19 pandemic.



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