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Comprehensive intervention and paving works continue in Maracaibo

With the aim of offering a road artery in optimal conditions to users who transit through the area, the Zulia Government continues to lead the Comprehensive and Structural Intervention on Avenida Los Haticos de Maracaibo.

For this reason, the Governor, Omar Prieto Fernández, inspected the work of Integral and Structural Intervention on Los Haticos Avenue, in the Cristo de Aranza parish in Maracaibo.

He stressed that this important road artery is one of the connection axes between the south and the center of the metropolitan area, so it is necessary to recondition the eight kilometers, with the necessary repairs that had to be done for many years, but that the previous government efforts diverted the investment.

He added that "for what had not been done, every time the avenue received a significant investment, the sewage collapsed the road and ate all the asphalt and concrete for the roads"; He explained that work is being done on the three fronts that make up Los Haticos, Varadero, El Chocolate and La Milagrosa.

In this sense, Prieto inspected the interconnection installation of a 60 and 36-inch pipeline that goes to the Varadero pumping station, where the wastewater from the different sectors will be decongested.

He added that the pumping station is of vital importance, which must be recovered after it was vandalized and robbed by groups seeking to disturb the peace of the inhabitants of the area "with this work we will be able to return the truly recovered avenue in an integral way and not made up as they had done in previous efforts, "said Prieto.

Freddy Rodríguez, Secretary of the Environment of the Zulia State Government, explained that from the Varadero work front, around 200 liters of wastewater will be intercepted, which will allow the collectors to decongest and avoid overflowing them. does permanent maintenance to the collectors to reinforce these tasks. The most affected areas are removing the concrete slabs, reinforcing them with steel, to give them greater durability and resistance to the avenue where high-tonnage vehicles pass. ”

He mentioned that the decoration, the green areas, and the lighting will also be renovated, including the houses that are on the avenue that will be embellished through Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor.

Rehabilitation of Avenida 16 Delicias and Calle 72 de Maracaibo

As part of the Venezuela Bella Mission promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, the Governor of the Zulia state, Omar Prieto Fernández, in the company of the Mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, delivered fully rehabilitated in an Integral and Structural manner on Calle 72 and Avenida Delicias de the Zulia capital.  

In this sense, the regional president thanked President Nicolás Maduro for granting the funds for investment through the Venezuela Bella plan "We are on 72nd Street with Delicias Avenue, in the heart of Maracaibo, battling the coronavirus, activating all plans that the covid-19 will not stop for the transformation of the spaces and cities ”.

He stated that “in the case of Delicias Avenue, which corresponded to the Zulia Government, it was reported that more than 2.700 tons of asphalt were placed; 15 thousand linear meters of paint were applied for signage and 16 thousand meters of paint on sidewalks and curbs. Also a beautiful decoration was made, to please the visual of the comrades citizens who pass by the avenue 16 ”.

Likewise, he explained that approximately 400 lights were replaced, to return security to Zulia, in this important road artery, he also stated that these avenues and streets cross the Zulian capital from north to south and east to west, so all Maracaiberos will feel the beautiful impact of the transformation of the city. 

For his part, Willy Casanova, mayor of the Maracaibo municipality, mentioned that, thanks to the efforts of Governor Omar Prieto, the city of Maracaibo has been gradually and progressively transformed; “On 72nd Street, 2500 tons of asphalt mix were placed, in addition to 12 kilometers of painted road, 16 intersections where the traffic lights were repaired, rebuilt and placed again, to guarantee optimal vehicular circulation. The street was also embellished with artistic murals, among other things ”.

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