Transport user committees are sworn in in Coro

Photo: Courtesy Transfalcón

In order to strengthen the public transport sector in Falcón, the Transfalcón board of directors swore in transport committees in various sectors of the city of Coro, Miranda municipality.

In the Los Médanos, Monseñor Iturriza, Independencia, San José, Las Eugenia and Juan Crisóstomo Falcón urbanizations, these user committees were sworn in to meet the demands of each of the inhabitants of these sectors.

Reinaldo Chirinos, president of Transfalcón, explained that the work that said committees will carry out will be, initially, to become a link between the community and the public transport service company with the purpose that citizens contribute to making the company the main state's surface transportation system.

In this sense, Chirinos pointed out that they have on their agenda to meet with the 21 committees in the different communities of the Falconian geography in order, in this way, to be able to listen to the proposals of the users and provide timely responses, which are in favor of advancing in the recovery of public services in the Falconian entity.



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