Children with disabilities receive food combos in Charallave

More than 90 children with disabilities received food combos and personal hygiene kits during a day held in the spaces of the El Bosque park in Charallave, Miranda state.

The social action was organized by the Municipal Institute for Women and the Family, and the National Council for People with Disabilities (Conapdis), as part of the comprehensive protection policies implemented by the mayor of Cristóbal Rojas municipality.

Maribel Chirinos, president of the Municipal Institute for Women and the Family of the jurisdiction, said that 96 bags of food and 96 personal hygiene kits were delivered to the same number of boys and girls, who have some type of disability. Those favored are residents of various sectors of the Las Brisas and Charallave parishes.

Another 20 boys and girls, inhabitants of the La Mata Campesino Settlement, received their personal hygiene kits with their respective food combo.

The combos contain milk, wheat flour, pasta, rice, beans, oil, coffee, sugar, among other items.

Chirinos added that from the Municipal Institute for Women and the Family and the Mayor's Office of Cristóbal Rojas, the most sensitive people in the jurisdiction will be assisted, especially children in bed situations. He clarified that the attention will be monthly, after a census at the municipal level.



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