Celebrated 100 years of the Virgen del Valle as Patroness of the East

Surrounded by beautiful pink and white flowers and guarded by the priests of the presbytery of Margarita, the Virgin of the Valley was taken from the Basilica and taken to the Eucharistic Field where the Bishop of the Diocese, Monsignor Fernando Castro Aguayo officiated the Holy Eucharist, with the presence from a small capacity, the security forces, the Bolivarian National Army, the musicians and the media that broadcast the event to all corners of Venezuela and the world.

Although the presence of parishioners was not allowed, due to security measures in the face of the covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of devotees approached the vicinity of the Eucharistic Field to see their Holy Mother and hear the Word of God.

“The Virgin of the Valley has been like a sun that illuminates the roads of the island with its rays, and with the pilgrimage of the Margariteños, their devotion reached all the eastern coasts and along the Orinoco River to the south of Venezuela. 100 years after her solemn proclamation as patron saint of the east and south of our country, without a doubt this century that has passed has notably increased the accompaniment and closeness of the mother of God to each oriental to each devotee ”, said the Bishop of Margarita during the homily.

Oriental music accompanied the Eucharistic celebration. The liturgical songs were covered in genres of popular music from this region such as malagueña, galerón, jota, fulía and guayanés calypso with arrangements by the musician Luis Lárez, director of the Ensemble Musical Un Lado de Mi Sol, composed of 22 members and the participation by the maestro Beto Valderrama Patiño and renowned artists from Margarita such as Lucienne Sanabria, Jennifer Moya, Nora Cardona, Inés Rojas, among others.

Mass of the Bolivarian National Navy aboard the Yekuana ocean patrol.

The Virgen del Valle strolled on her ancient throne which dates from 1918 and wore a new crown, donated by the Rondón Grau family, made by the goldsmith Arcangelo Giandoni.

The Bolivarian Navy paid tribute to its Patroness with a mass aboard the Yekuana ocean patrol vessel. Likewise, the men of the sea, together with their commander, Admiral Alexander Velásquez Bastidas, made a floral offering before the sacred image of the Virgin, in the Basilica of El Valle del Espíritu Santo, Margarita Island.

The fishermen also celebrated their Queen Marinera, with the regattas along the coasts of Pampatar and Porlamar. And in each town on the island of Margarita, the devout Valleros celebrated with faith and love the 110 years of the Canonical Coronation of the Virgen del Valle and the 100 years of her patronage in eastern Venezuela.



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