CDI Padre Cabrera will become a sentinel center

The center will provide medical attention for cases in intermediate therapy.

The mayor of the Guaicaipuro municipality of the Miranda state, Wisely Álvarez, announced that the Center for Comprehensive Diagnosis and the Rehabilitation Room of Father Cabrera, located in Los Teques, will soon become a new sentinel center for the care of positive cases to the coronavirus.

Regarding an inspection day carried out this Saturday, the local president reported that since Friday a brigade of the Mayor's Office of Guaicaipuro is promoting comprehensive recovery efforts to adapt the space, which will provide medical attention for cases in intermediate therapy.

He argued that the purpose is to decongest the Victorino Santaella Hospital, the current sentinel center in the area and thereby reinforce care for the people.

“We have come with a special contingency brigade from the mayor's office to rehabilitate these spaces that are going to become a sentinel center to attend to covid-19 cases in intermediate therapy. 38 beds for patients suffering from covid will be cared for here by the brigade of Venezuelan and Cuban doctors as well as a contingent of nurses, supported by our governor Hector Rodriguez and President Nicolás Maduro, "he said.

He indicated that they estimate to inaugurate the headquarters, which are located within the Corposalud facilities, as soon as possible as part of the joint policies promoted by the national, regional and municipal governments.



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